Keep your finger on the pulse of your hive.


Using the latest Cloud, IoT, and Analytic technologies, ByteKeeper will collect and report actionable information about your hive’s health.

Why ByteKeeper?

The ByteKeeper is an innovative IoT (Internet of Things) device that runs completely off solar power and can be used anywhere with a 3G cell signal. Each device collects over 70 data points a day and stores it all in a cloud-based environment. Your data is never lost and can be accessed it at any time, from any device.

Each ByteKeeper is a stand-alone device that requires no additional parts, components, or gateways to function. Simply attach the ByteKeeper to the side of your hive, place the sensors, and turn it on. Once the ByteKeeper establishes a connection, it will continue to function and report vital beekeeping information back to you remotely.

With affordable pricing, multiple ByteKeepers can be used to monitor different locations, or you can group hives together to see performance statistics about the entire apiary.

Innovative Features

Data Collection
Records weight, temperature, humidity and battery level

3G Enabled
Communicates via cell phone signal covered in 96% of the USA

Simple Install
Easy to install unit and sensors in hive

Solor Powered
Battery charged in direct sunlight

Visual Analytics
Includes access to in-depth analytical system

Automatic text alerts

Mobile Accessibility
Check your hive from any device

About Us

Bee Maven began as a Hive Adoption company in the Pacific Northwest, providing beekeeping services to locals in the area.  Hives would occasionally die for mysterious reasons and leave customers asking:  “Why did my hive die?” As a Beekeeper, we had guesses as to the cause of the death, but no data to prove our theories. We needed something that could monitor the condition of hives, without having to physically be there.

The ByteKeeper was designed and tested in the field  to solve these problems.  Using the latest technologies, Bee Maven is now able to identify patterns that lead to hive death, and make interventions to prevent it, saving time, money, and the life of the hive.